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What Is "Intralogistics"?

Chloe GlassFeb 10, 2021
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You are likely familiar with the concept of logistics, but what exactly are "intralogistics"? What does it mean for your business that HEUBEL·SHAW is part of the Raymond Intralogistics Solutions network? What kind of solutions do we actually provide? Get these questions answered and more!

HEUBEL·SHAW | Intralogistics Solutions 

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We have been a trusted provider of lift trucks and quality warehouse products for over 60 years, though our best customers know that we don't just sell material handling products.
Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions help solve operational problems and improve productivity & efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse settings.

We Provide Intralogistics Solutions.

What are "Intralogistics Solutions"?

You are likely familiar with the concept of logistics, but what exactly are "intralogistics" solutions? "Intra-" means within or inside, so "intralogistics" means managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported inside a facility.
But what does this mean for you? What kind of solutions does HEUBEL·SHAW actually provide? While each solution is custom-fit to the customer and application, here are ten of the most common solutions we are asked to provide:

Top 10 Intralogistics Solutions:

  1. Increase order picking efficiency utilizing data analytics, advanced picking technologies, and automated solutions.
  2. Reduce travel time utilizing zoning and positioning (ZaP).
  3. Reduce equipment down time utilizing Complete Fixed Price Maintenance.
  4. Reduce labor requirements utilizing Kardex Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS).
  5. Reduce product and equipment damage utilizing iWarehouse.
  6. Improve productivity utilizing HEUBEL·SHAW slotting analysis.
  7. Simplify maintenance cost tracking with Raymond iTrack.
  8. Increase storage capacity utilizing Raymond Radio Shuttle & Kardex Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS).
  9. Reduce labor costs utilizing the Raymond Courier (AGVs).
  10. Maximize Cube Utilization

    We help our clients optimize use of their space through our professional warehouse layout and design services. Automated storage and retrieval systems designed for maximum storage density are another option which enables you to increase usable storage space while effectively reducing your current storage footprint.

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·Access Control
·Electronic Checklists
·Maintenance Tracking
·Fault Code Reporting
·Utilization Analysis

Know where associates, equipment, and valuable inventory are at all time

·Efficient On-boarding
·Customized Lessons
·Instant Feedback
·Fast & Compact Setup
for More Usable Space.

This cloud-based LMS integrates with your current systems for a 360 view. Accurately forecast labor and equipment needs.

· 15 miles of routes
·One operator controls
several AGVs online.
·Low Cost, turnkey
automated solution.
·Reallocate workforce

· Works in tandem with your wire-guided system.
· Sensors detect obstacles in the truck path.
· Operators are alerted as the vehicle decelerates.

Zoning & Positioning
· Trucks are programmed to follow safe & efficient travel functions, allowing operators to focus completely on the task at hand

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Our Featured System: VBM

The Kardex Vertical Buffer Module (VBM) was designed for extremely dense storage and efficient handling of totes and small orders. With it you can accomplish:
  • Reduce labor by 66%
  • Increase throughput 200%
  • Pick Accuracy Increases by 99.9%

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