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    You realize the value that a Kardex Remstar ASRS will add to your operation and now you want to understand the true costs. Read about what installation and lifetime ownership entails and use the project calculator tool to determine feasibility.


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    Automated hospital storage solutions lead to improved patient care. Read More.

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  • Kardex Remstar: The Premiere Source for Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

    We offer a full range of Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval solutions to help you increase productivity and accuracy while saving floor space. Our solutions broadly address concerns over storage, order picking, automated material handling, document management, and the need for controlled environments, but we understand that our customers have more diversified needs that require precision solutions. Just as our customers rely on us to provide the best application-specific fork lift trucks from Raymond, they expect personalized automated storage and retrieval solutions that are both application and industry-specific.

    To successfully accomplish this level of custom care, the HEUBEL·SHAW Systems (HSS) group works closely with our trusted partner, Kardex Remstar to design, develop, and integrate systems that optimally achieve our customer's goals at the lowest total operational cost. Visit the Systems Integration page to view a list of goals and objectives to discuss with your HSS representative or explore our industry-specific solutions brochures to discover how ASRS might be able to help you utilize floor space more efficiently, increase order selection, productivity, and improve workplace ergonomics.


    Our products are designed to increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your working practices. With our tailor-made solutions, you can attain considerable results. · Space savings of up to 90% · Improvements in pick accuracy up to 99% · Improvements in picking productivity up to 400% · Achievement of stock accuracy levels up to 99.7% ·

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Kardex Remstar Pick-to-Light products increase pick accuracy by 99.9%.


Learn how some of our customers at HEUBEL SHAW have put their Kardex Remstar solutions to work for them.

  • Ingersoll Rand

    To consolidate an inventory of small, high-value parts for the manufacturer of large centrifugal compressors – and also to stock small replacement parts shipped to customers – the Ingersoll-Rand Company, recently erected four 24.6-foot tall Remstar Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs).

  • Mark Andy

    Incorporating three Remstar Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) into their existing manufacturing process Mark Andy was able to free up valuable floor space to add an additional assembly area and increase inventory while maintaining current productivity and accuracy levels.

  • Nazarene

    Nazarene Publishing needed to combine all their sales and returns into one high throughput, labor efficient and accurate system. The heart of their set up is a bank of 12 horizontal carousels supplied by Remstar International Inc.