A Partner for Your Operations.

    With more than 60 combined years in business and 11 locations in the Central U.S., Heubel Shaw has the resources and reach to offer a complete warehouse management solution. Heubel Shaw offers new and pre-owned Raymond lift trucks and forklift equipment, forklift parts, storage solutions, integrated systems, fleet management solutions and everything else you need to Run Better and Manage Smarter.Our true business, however, lies in helping you manage your operational expenses. We identify hidden costs, deliver more efficient overall material movement, reduce downtime and best of all, increase your return on investment.

    Why Choose Raymond?

    For 95 years, the Raymond Corporation has built a reputation in the material handling industry based on peak innovation, quality and service. Raymond does more than just manufacture the best forklifts in the business; they provide wall-to-wall solutions that heighten daily warehouse and distribution operations to a new level. Heubel Shaw is a proud member of the Raymond Sales and Service network, which remains a constant front runner in the industry.

Your Material Handling Partner with Proven Solutions for Maximum Productivity.

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    Industrial Battery Solutions

    Heubel Shaw's smarter, stronger and more efficient forklifts and lift trucks mean less energy spent on moving the truck and more power to tackle the job at hand. Heubel Shaw's full line of forklift batteries, chargers and battery handling systems are designed to keep your business moving in the most demanding industrial and warehousing environments. Don't have space or time to keep up on battery maintenance? Heubel Shaw Motive Power Division was designed to solve those issues with your industrial batteries.

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    Forklift Rentals

    If you have other short-term equipment needs for a current or upcoming project, Heubel Shaw can help. From maintenance vehicles and scissor lifts to electric burden carriers, personnel carriers, utility and specialty vehicles and other warehouse equipment, we have a wide selection of items available under short or long-term rental agreements to meet your changing business needs while minimizing the impact on your budget. Forklift Rentals are our specialty, because Heubel Shaw understands how quickly your business needs change.

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    Pallet Rack Systems and Storage Solutions

    Heubel Shaw offers end-to-end warehouse storage systems and pallet rack solutions designed to keep your business moving. From pallet rack and industrial pallet shelf systems to vertical carousels and conveyor systems, we work closely with you to engineer, design, develop and deploy the storage systems that optimize space, improve efficiency, and enhance ergonomics throughout your warehouse.