Find the Right Commercial Door for Your Application

Chloe GlassOct 09, 2020
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Doors perform a variety of critical functions within any facility. Learn more about the types of commercial doors available on the market, and figure out which industrial door is the best option for your application.

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Chances Are... A LOT! 

The overall purpose of the loading dock is to facilitate an efficient flow of materials in and out of the facility. Commercial doors regulate that flow both into and within your manufacturing or warehousing facility. Your doors do a lot for you, day in and day out. Even when your facility is not in operation, your doors are hard at work, serving these critical functions:  


Commercial doors provide a crucial role in security, health & safety. Doors protect your facility from the elements, intruders, and unwanted loading & unloading of materials. Certain doors and curtains act as a barrier against fires, pests & varmints, and even hazardous light, particle & chemical exposure.


Doors & curtains act as a thermal barrier, facilitating a more temperate work environment or creating ideal conditions for the storage & handling of temperature sensitive products. A high efficiency door that is rated for your application will save you money and help your facility move towards environmental goals.


High level sound barrier, temperature control. Rolls up completely out of the way- aluminum, steel, or vinyl.

External and internal insulated doors deliver climate control and energy savings.

Fire resistant doors can deter the spread of fire and resist corrosion.

Withstand high volume wear & tear from pedestrians & equipment.

Separate internal work environments without impeding traffic flow.

No more surprises! Reduce risk of collision with a full visibility door.

Block birds and bugs while maintaining maximum airflow.

An invisible barrier deters bugs and prevents entrance of untempered air.

Welding curtains create a barrier against sparks and harmful UV rays.

Designed for higher cycles and lower lifetime maintenance costs.


We want you to be satisfied with your commercial door investment.

Our team is ready to help you find the right commercial door & curtain solution for your application. Reach out to your nearest HEUBEL·SHAW branch for selection, installation, and local support services.

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