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What's Your Story? 

Scalable, flexible, and customizable, iWAREHOUSE® is the most complete forklift telematics solution available. Better manage material handling assets, industrial vehicles and operators with iWAREHOUSE Evolution™ – designed with the industry’s most comprehensive range of capabilities that can be activated or turned off to suit your needs. This scalable forklift fleet management system evolves with your changing business needs, so you can continuously improve efficiency and productivity while identifying opportunities to reduce costs. 

The iWAREHOUSE forklift management system puts critical, real-time data about your entire fleet at your fingertips. All through the iWAREHOUSE Gateway – accessible from any web-enabled device, anywhere, anytime. So whether you’re running one brand of vehicles or a mixed fleet—in one warehouse or many—iWAREHOUSE provides analytics tools to run better and manage smarter. 

Transforming Data into Powerful Action

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    Comprehensive Fleet Management For Any Powered Industrial Vehicle Fleet Size or Mix.

    As data is collected, fleet managers gain access to an enterprise-wide view of each individual forklift, how it fits into the total picture and how it impacts productivity and profitability. Essentially, the iWAREHOUSE fleet management system lets you manifest data into knowledge, and knowledge into action. Our web portal offers 24-hour access to reporting, so you can view actionable data on the go without any down-time. Want to view the full spectrum of benefits iWAREHOUSE has to offer?

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