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  • Warehousing, Supply Chain Consulting

    Warehouse Design that Scales to Your Needs

    After more than 100 years of partnering with customers in grocery, retail, pharmaceutical, cold storage and distribution, we understand these businesses must also plan for potential material handling needs in the future. Heubel Shaw designs material handling systems that enable scalability and add profitable gains in warehouse space, speed, efficiency and safety. As needed, we provide ongoing analyses that will easily help you manage any material handling requirements. Ultimately, we deliver a cost effective distribution center and material handling operation that will help you manage excess inventory, reduce cluttered aisles and minimize lost or damaged product. Greater efficiency begins with a warehouse designed to keep material flowing smoothly through your facility.

  • CAD drawings

    Precise, Professional Engineering Services

    Let Heubel Shaw's in-house engineering team utilize state-of-the art technology to design and simulate your next project. Our comprehensive engineering services ensure accurate design, installation and planning of your project — and accommodate any changes or alterations along the way. Combined with our systems integration and project management experience, you can count on Heubl Shaw to help you to achieve efficiencies and cost savings throughout the course of your project — from the initial evaluation through installation and post-implementation support and training.

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