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    Moving Product Quickly & Efficiently 

    Designed with Productivity In Mind.


The right conveyor system can speed order fulfillment, provide better inventory management, and help accomplish lean goals for just-in-time and process controls. Whether you are moving individual products, full cases, or pallets, the HEUBEL SHAW Systems (HSS) group can recommend the appropriate conveyor equipment, technology, and material flow layout. To ensure we meet the needs of your business from start to finish, HSS specializes in conveyor design, mechanical installation, controls, field wiring, and maintenance services. We supply and service a variety of conveyor and sortation system styles. Some of the most common systems and accessories include:

  • Conveyor Styles

    • Accumulation Conveyor
    • Roller Conveyor
    • Belt Conveyor
    • Drag Chain Conveyor
    • Gravity Fed Conveyor
    • Induction Conveyor
    • Lineshaft Conveyor
    • Modular Conveyor
    • Belt-Driven Roller Conveyor
    • Heavy-Duty Belt-Over Conveyor
    • Poly-V Conveyor & more!

  • Sortation Systems

    Route product into specialty lanes for picking, processing, packaging, palletizing, storing, or shipping. Increase throughput without sacrificing accuracy.

    • Sliding shoe Sorter
    • Right angle Sorter
    • Narrow Belt Sorter
    • Product Gapping
    • Belted Pivot Wheel

  • Accessories

    • Lift & Rotate
    • Transfers
    • Pushers
    • Feeders
    • Palletizers
    • Label applicators
    • Scanners
    • Stops
    • Retracting Tails
    • Chicaning Systems
    • Part Positioners
    • Scales & more!

  • warehouse products

    CONVEYOR MAINTENANCE - When there is no time for downtime.

    If your conveyor stops running, so does your business. That's why HEUBEL SHAW offers the most comprehensive and responsive maintenance program in the Central Mid South. Whether you're building a new warehouse, updating an existing facility, or simply looking to run more efficiently, HEUBEL SHAW offers a single, reliable, affordable source of service for your conveyors, and other warehouse equipment.

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