• Raymond Adjustable Baseleg Walkie Stacker

    Walkie Stackers

    Handle Loads Swiftly And Efficiently
    Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and perform more tasks with a single truck
  • Walkie Stackers Built To Perform

    When you need to better utilize your vertical storage in tight areas and maneuver easier in congested spaces, turn to the Raymond Walkie Stackers. These forklifts can also load and unload trailers and position loads at an ergonomic height for stock replenishment or manufacturing tasks to meet a wide range of application needs. Each truck features durable components with fewer maintenance points, resulting in less down time for service and making them the idea solution for retail store back rooms, light-duty manufacturing, and dock to stock applications.

Accomplish All Of Your Warehousing Tasks

The Raymond Walkie Stackers can help improve your cycle times and decrease your cost of operation with a variety of exclusive features and proven technologies. And, with modular components and robust construction, each forklift can stand up to years of use in all types of operations.

  • Pallet Stackers, Walkie Stackers, Electric Pallet Stackers

    Move More Pallets Per Hour

    Easy to use controls and ergonomic control handle increase operator confidence

  • Pallet Stackers, Walkie Stackers, Electric Pallet Stackers

    A Smoother Ride With Efficient Operation

    Transistorized controls and large load wheels help operators easily navigate dock plates

  • Pallet Stackers, Walkie Stackers, Electric Pallet Stackers

    Easy To Maintain And Economical To Own

    Heavy duty construction and on-board diagnostics make these walkie stackers stronger and more resilient

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  • Get More Out Of Your Workflow

    Automation is becoming an inevitable and invaluable option for most warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. The Raymond Courier 3030 Automated Stacker can seamlessly and reliably automate a variety of repetitive transportation and pallet handling tasks, usually performed by a manual walkie stacker, to help you optimize resources, maximize scalability, and quickly adapt to changing business needs.