Analyze, Optimize, Prioritize.
    Get the Most Out of Your Data.
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    Real-Time Information, Real-World Value

    As a lift truck manufacturer with a long history of innovation and leadership in the warehouse and distribution space, Heubel Shaw in partnership with Raymond has the unique breadth of experience and depth of understanding to provide a telematics platform that delivers both real-time information AND real-world value. If you want the most valuable, actionable data on your operation, turn to the most complete system backed by the most knowledgeable people.

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    The Help You Need to Analyze, Optimize and Prioritize.

    That’s why our Professional Services group offers tailored consulting services designed to help you get the most out of your data. Our experts in warehouse optimization are at your disposal to create a custom picture of what your data means, and how to use it to effect positive change. From helping you understand if your fleet is best suited for your application, to developing a plan to handle changing workloads, our consultants can help you turn deeper information into better outcomes.

Professional Services: Available Support

kpi identification KPI Identification
• Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress
• Measure success and adjust, or add new KPIs
warehouse training
Custom Training
• Helps to introduce system to operators and management
• Provides better understanding of the value of available reports
• Ongoing feedback and coaching to optimize performance at all levels
iwarehouse enterprise, warehouse optimization
Opportunity Assessment
• Periodic reviews of data and trends and assistance in creating action plans to capitalize on any opportunities highlighted by results
• Identify trends or outliers in patterns of data and work with you to identify ways to improve metrics
• Identify and enable integration between iWAREHOUSE and third-party systems
iwarehouse, fleet reporting
Report Design and Automation
• Set up of custom reports specific to your KPI's or reporting requirements