• Relentlessly Pursuing Perfection - Heubel Shaw Accomplishments

    Every day, we try harder to be the best we can. For you. Heubel Shaw works hard to maintain a high level of professionalism, skill and knowledge in everything we do – because the better we perform our jobs, the more efficient, productive and competitive our customers will be. We are proud to be recognized for our accomplishments and being a source of expertise in our industry.

    Industry leaders partner with Heubel Shaw not only because we understand that materials handling is much more than just "handling materials." They partner with us because we have invested thousands of hours in many different types of facilities and industries.

    We're experts in facility design, layout and space utilization analysis, engineering, lift truck fleet management, systems integration, storage and slotting and more.

    The Raymond Corporation honors its top-performing dealers with the Raymond Dealer of Distinction and the Raymond Dealer of Merit awards. These awards are earned based on a dealership’s performance in relation to Raymond’s benchmark standards in specific areas of operation: sales, customer service, customer retention and market share performance.

    Heubel has been recognized as a Raymond "Dealer of Distinction" for the past 21 consecutive years and has also been honored as a renowned Dealer of Merit 13 times. Shaw has been honored with The Raymond Corporation "Dealer of Merit" award 15 times and the "Dealer of Distinction" award 8 Times, consecutively for the past 3 years. 

    For the past five years, Heubel Shaw has been combined as one company when being considered for DOD. Jointly we retain our status as a Dealer of Distinction.