• automated forklift


    Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • Next Generation of Automation, Are You Prepared?

    As space gets more confined and labor costs continue to rise, Raymond is committed to providing the automated solutions you need to optimize warehousing operations in the years ahead. Built upon the rugged, reliable, proven design of our pallet jack and tow tractor, the Raymond Courier brings all the benefits of automation to the most trusted forklifts on the market. With easy implementation, simple operation, and remote management capabilities, these automated lift trucks offer the perfect entry point into automation for an array of warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing facilities.

Is Automation Right for You?

When correctly applied and effectively utilized, automated storage and retrieval systems can save time and money in warehousing and distribution operations. Heubel Shaw offers warehouse automation storage and retrieval solutions ranging from conveyors and carousels to pallet shuttle systems, industrial robots, automatic forklifts and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). 
Heubel Shaw specializes in the design and implementation of automated integrated retreival systems for customers in a variety of industries. Our consultative approach to storage and handling challenges has helped our customers to grow in this area. See how >

Additional Automated Warehouse Solutions

  • Radioshuttle Pallet Storage System

    The Radioshuttle racking system is a flexible, high-density storage solution. The Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system provides high-density storage flexibility and customized designs for effective pallet handling. Battery-powered and remote-operated, Radioshuttle allows operators to work elsewhere while it is busy transporting pallets.

  • Automated Lift Trucks

    The Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck series provides flexible, affordable automation of repeatable transport tasks. The automated pallet truck is ideal for dock work and horizontal transport, while the automated tow tractor is best suited for parts-to-line, cart tugging, batch picking and value-added operations. Automated Solutions—Without All the Systems

  • Vertical lift module, storage carousel, vertical carousel

    Automated Horizontal & Vertical Coursels

    Carousel systems provide high-productivity solutions for storage and retrieval. Raymond’s versatile material handling solutions offer significant gains in efficiency, control of inventory management and warehouse floor space recovery. Vertical lift modules, vertical carousel systems and horizontal carousel systems can greatly increase order picking throughput, require less storage space, and help to reduce inventory and minimize picking errors

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

    AS/RS offer high-density storage capacity in a compact footprint, and can be tailored to your warehouse and distribution center needs. Designed as the center of an integrated material handling systems, AS/RS deliver the speed and efficiency required to be competitive in today’s supply chain and distribution center environments.

  • Automated Conveyor Systems

    The right conveyor system can speed order fulfillment, provide better inventory management and help accomplish lean goals for just-in-time and process controls. Whether you are moving individual products, full cases, or pallets, our engineering experts can recommend the appropriate conveyor equipment, technology, and material flow layout.

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

    AGVs increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping to automate specialized tasks or functions within a facility. AGVs can provide automated material movement for a variety of industries. Your local Raymond Sales and Service Center stands ready to evaluate your application and recommend the right solution to automate your operation

  • Automated warehouse storage, automatic forklifts, automated storage systems, Heubel Shaw automated storage, Kardex Remstar Vertical Carousel, automation, warehouse automation

    KardexRemstar: The Premiere Source for Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions

    Our Customers have diversified needs that require precision solutions that utilize floor space more efficiently, increase order selection productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. To successfully accomplish this, we work closely with our trusted partner, KardexRemstar, to design, develop and deliver the best automated systems that optimally achieve our customer’s goals at the lowest total operational cost. Together with KardexRemstar, we offer common sense solutions for any storage and retrieval challenge.

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