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HEUBEL·SHAW Material Handling - Oklahoma City
5621 SW 38th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Phone: 405-949-9001


 Hours of Operation:

 Monday    7:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Oklahoma City Sales:

OKC Sales Representative

Billy Reddick, material handling sales, forklift sales, forklift rental oklahoma city 
Billy Reddick
PHONE: 405-628-9677
EMAIL: [email protected]

Kardex Remstar Specialist: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska

Jason Madore
PHONE: 405-318-3333
EMAIL:[email protected]


Whether your goal is to reduce operational expenses, work more productively and safely, or develop better storage solutions, HEUBEL SHAW Oklahoma City can help. We provide material handling and fleet management solutions in the Oklahoma City area and are dedicated to helping our customers meet their warehouse management and safety goals.

HEUBEL SHAW Oklahoma City offers forklift and lift truck solutions, storage solutions that fit your space, and integrated systems for businesses in the Oklahoma City area. The Raymond lift trucks we offer are energy efficient and built to last. Both new forklifts and certified pre-owned forklifts with the Raymond RENEWED Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee are available to meet your needs, so there’s an affordable solution at every price point. Buy - Lease - or Rent Forklifts through our Oklahoma City branch.

Of course, we know that in the course of using and maintaining your Raymond forklifts and lift trucks, you will need access to forklift parts -- with a quick and accurate shipping option that keeps downtime to a minimum. That’s why our Parts Department keeps thousands of line item parts in stock for both your forklift and warehouse needs. Forklift Parts and Service is an essential part the customer service we provide to our Oklahoma City customers.

Besides forklifts, lift trucks, materials handling solutions and other storage solutions in Oklahoma City, we also offer consulting that helps you make the best use of all the products and services we offer. Ask us about the consulting we offer to help you optimize your use of iWarehouse Fleet Management, as well as consulting in Systems Integration and Warehouse Design.

HEUBEL SHAW Oklahoma City offers streamlined materials handling solutions and expertise honed over our combined 60 years in business. Email us or contact us by phone at (405) 949-9001 to learn more about how we help Oklahoma City businesses improve their processes, increase safety, and meet their goals.

 Raymond Forklifts
 Labor Management Systems (LMS)
 Systems Integration
 Dock & Door
 Warehouse Layout & Design
 Rack Repair
 Batteries, Chargers & Handling Systems
 Fleet Management & Telematics
 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
 Lift Tables
 Project Management
 Motive Power Care
 Renewed Forklifts
 Maintenance Tracking
 Conveyor & Sortation
 Pallet Racking
 Engineered Studies
 Scheduled Maintenance
 Forklift Rental
 Asset Management & RTLS
 Industrial Robots & Tooling
 Mezzanines & Platforms
 Facility Assessments
 Parts & Repair Services
 Forklift Leasing
  Virtual Reality Training & Assessment Tool
 Vertical and Horizontal Automated Storage (ASRS)
 Industrial Fans & Lighting
 Operational Analysis
 Training & Safety (On-site, Off-site & VR)
 Automated Forklifts
Zoning & Positioning (ZaP)
 High Density Automated Storage Systems (ASRS)
 Multi-level Pick Modules
 Full Simulation Visuals & Concept Engineering
Financing Services
 Accessories & Attachments
Professional Data Analysis
 Hoists & Cranes  Pallet Wrappers
 Complimentary Consultation
 Equipment  Power & Performance Testing
 Scissor Lifts & Aerial Lifts
   Voice & Light Pick Systems
 Storage Parts & Accessories
Engineered Solutions
  Installation & Integration


Billy Reddick, oklahoma city forklift sales, oklahoma city rental sales person