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    Operator, Technician and Pedestrian Training.
    Solutions from Heubel Shaw.
  • Training: The Most Comprehensive Programs in the Industry

    Heubel Shaw provides the precision lift truck-related training programs you need to increase productivity and efficiencies. Immediately. No one is more committed to training your teams for success, and keeping your operations running smoothly, than Heubel Shaw. Which is why we offer the most comprehensive set of forklift operator training, lift truck technician training and warehouse pedestrian training programs in the industry.

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  • Lift Truck Operator, Technician and Pedestrian Training Programs

    Our first time and continuing educational courses are proven effective every day. They enable you to establish organizational benchmark safety and performance standards through innovative instruction techniques that result in successful deployment of best practices when using Raymond forklifts.

    From OSHA compliance and licensing, re-certification and Train the Trainer (if you want to conduct operator training on-site) to full technical, service and maintenance training, we have all of your forklift training needs covered. At Heubel Shaw, we train you to Expect the Unexpected. Lift Truck safety training isn't just a good idea, it is required by law and Heubel Shaw understands how imperative it is that forklift operator training requirements are met.

  • forklift training, operator training, lift truck training, Heubel Shaw training

    Safety on the Move Forklift Training

    The Safety on the Move program includes a trainer’s guide, videos, student workbooks, and other support materials specific to the types of Raymond forklift trucks that your operators use on the job. Our unique forklift operator training program incorporates a variety of classroom and hands-on training methods, including interactive discussions, video and presentations, instructor-led demonstrations, and practical exercises for the participants. Contact us to request more information or schedule a training, and see firsthand how you can achieve best practices and superior results with the Safety on the Move lift truck operator training program.

  • Raymond Forklift Operator Training, Forklift Training

    Help Improve Bottom-line Results

    Studies have shown that effective forklift operator training can help improve how your operation runs. Designed to help you protect your people, equipment and materials. Download our Brochure to better understand how our services can help your business.

  • forklift training, heubel shaw training

    Fork Lift Operator Training Programs

    Keeping your products, racking and equipment safe from damage is an important part of effective warehouse management, and forklift truck operator training from Heubel Shaw is one way that you can minimize damage while increasing productivity. We can help your lift truck operators learn the proper handling practices they need to know to do their job better, more accurately and more efficiently during every shift.

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    Lift Truck safety training isn't just a good idea, it is required by law. OSHA is clear about forklift operator training requirements: It is a violation of Federal law for anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to do so. Be ready when OSHA comes through, by giving your employees the correct training.

  • technician training, heubel shaw training

    Certified Forklift Technician Training

    You can send your forklift technicians to Customer Technician Courses at Raymond headquarters or request a training at your facility. Heubel Shaw's forklift technician training programs will prepare your in-house technician to properly diagnose and service RAYMOND lift trucks to factory & OSHA Standards.

  • Pick the Location That Best Suits Your Needs

    At Your Facility

    Field schools are designed by Raymond and are taught by forklift training staff from Heubel Shaw. Training on-site takes your needs and schedule into account, allowing for more flexibility. Whether you have just one or more types of Raymond trucks—we can accommodate.

    Service Center Location

    Another alternative is to attend training locally at one of our locations. Heubel Shaw offers a wide variety of forklift training programs at our facilities. Our forklift training classes range from forklift operator training to forklift maintenance technician training.

    Raymond Headquarters

    We also offer select training classes at Raymond headquarters in Greene, NY. Your technicians will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on lift truck maintenance training conducted by factory-certified training personnel. Contact us using the form below to request more information about available classes or to schedule a forklift training class for your business.

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