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    Counterbalanced Trucks

    Improve Productivity With Versatility
    Easily adapt these forklifts to your specific requirements with a range of options, attachments, and accessories
  • Counterbalanced Forklifts Built To Perform

    Optimizing the productivity of your warehouse including dock operations, transport, put away or supplying rack vehicles is vital to keeping up with customer demand and staying ahead of the competition. The Raymond 4000 Series Counterbalanced Trucks are multi-purpose vehicles designed to work alone or with other systems as part of a total material handling solution. Each sit-down and stand-up forklift model delivers the comfort, durability, and maneuverability necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of your operation.

Configurable Options For A More Efficient Operation

Moving products easier and quicker is not only desired, it's required in today's ever-evolving warehouse landscape. Incorporating options designed to assist operators, boost their confidence, and protect your goods and facility can help you achieve even greater productivity throughout your operation.

  • Operator Confidence

    OPERATOR COMPARTMENT SENSOR SYSTEM – This training aid sounds a tone and decelerates the trucks if traveling when the sensors are blocked or the beams are not seem or emitted to reinforce the need for the operator to assume and maintain a proper position. 

    TRAVEL, SPEED CONTROL – This configurable option limits the truck travel speed to a preset value between one and six miles per hour when the forks exit free lift.

  • Operator Assist

    LOAD WEIGHT DISPLAY – Communicates the load weight on the forks to assist the operator in knowing the heights that the load could be lifted to and or stored at, increasing operator awareness.

    FORK TILT LEVELING – Automatically positions the forks perpendicular to the mast with the touch of a button to more accurately and quickly engage loads.

Additional Counterbalanced Forklift Videos

  • 4460 3-Wheel Sit-Down Counterbalanced Forklift

  • 4750 4-Wheel Sit-Down Counterbalanced Forklift

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Complete Warehouse Solutions For Greater Efficiency

Beyond providing the best lift trucks in the business, we're here to help you optimize the efficiency and productivity of your entire operation. From industry-leading telematics for effective fleet management to cutting-edge teaching technologies to improve operator skills, we have the expertise and resources to enhance the performance of your people, place, and process.

  • A Smarter Warehouse Operation

    The most comprehensive and scalable telematics platform in the industry, iWAREHOUSE Evolution offers the most complete and customizable solution for labor, fleet, and warehouse optimization.

  • virtual reality simulator, forklift training

    A Unique View On Operator Instruction

    The first of its kind in the industry, Raymond’s Virtual Reality Simulator gives operators a realistic sense of working at extreme heights to build competence and confidence.