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    Maintenance Tracking and Asset Management

    Do more and do it better with iTRACK
    Simplify fleet maintenance, asset management and administration.
  • A Fleet Management Solution That Puts You in the Driver's Seat of Productivity

    Manage your entire fleet—in every location—as if you were right next to each vehicle on the facility floor. iWAREHOUSE is a comprehensive fleet management solution that provides a full suite of tools to enhance the productivity of both operators and vehicles. If you're considering a lift truck fleet management system, iWAREHOUSE delivers fleet monitoring and actionable fleet utilization data to help you drive down costs and improve productivity in your operations.

  • iTRACK fleet asset management, fleet maintenance, maintenance management system

    Comprehensive data reports enable maximum productivity for your entire company.

    Heubel Shaw offers our customers the iTRACK fleet and asset management system from Raymond. iTRACK provides you with accurate, actionable fleet maintenance data reports that stretch from individual trucks to aggregate data for specific facilities, regions or your entire company. Plus, iTRACK allows you to monitor and reduce your overall costs per operating hour.

Do more and do it better with iTRACK

  • pallet rack

    -Track parts and labor cost by truck
    -View custom reports that can identify facility or region cost-saving opportunities

  • iBATTERY industrial battery management system

    -Conduct fleet replacement analysis
    -Consolidate invoicing

  • iTRACK, warehouse Asset Management, fleet maintenance software, fleet management company

    -Access best-practice presentations and service center tech contact information
    -Enter service orders

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