Forklift Training, Rentals & Pallet Racking in Omaha, Nebraska

About Heubel Shaw Omaha

Heubel Shaw Omaha offers not only great new and pre-owned lift trucks and parts, but also a number of innovative fleet management solutions for businesses in the Omaha, Nebraska area.

We’re known as a supplier of Raymond lift trucks, and we offer all models of these reliable and tough trucks -- both new and certified pre-owned to fit your budget. But when you need replacement parts, we can help with that too: Our Parts Department offers fast and accurate shipping on over 25,000 line items. That helps you keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Once you have a great fleet of Raymond lift trucks, Heubel Shaw Omaha helps you streamline your processes with integrated systems, fleet management, and storage solutions to help you design and create a more efficient workplace while reducing operating costs. Our iWarehouse software is designed to gather data and help you act on the data to optimize your fleet.

We also offer training for lift truck operators, technicians, and pedestrians to help your employees work smarter and safer. And if you’d like to start doing your own training in-house, our “Train the Trainer” program can help you do just that.

Heubel Shaw Omaha has offered dependable equipment and valuable solutions to help business owners in the warehouse and distribution fields create a safer, more productive workplace for over 50 years. Regardless of which industry your Omaha, NE business is in contact us today or call us at (800) 283-4177 to find out more about Heubel Shaw's products and services.

If you prefer to speak directly to a representative, give us a call at 402-330-9040 or 800-283-4177!




Heubel Shaw Omaha Branch

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    Phone: 402-330-9040

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Featured Products And Services For Omaha

  • New Forklifts

    As an Authorized Solutions and Support Center for Raymond, we offer a complete portfolio of reliable, durable, and innovative electric forklifts that are built to perform and designed to work together, taking your day-to-day warehouse operations to new levels.

  • Raymond RENEWED, Used Forklift Trucks, used forklifts for sale

    Used Forklifts

    Our Raymond RENEWED program provides a wide selection of quality pre-owned lift trucks at an affordable price. We meticulously select and service trucks for this program and take pride in the fact that our Raymond RENEWED lift trucks look and perform like new.

  • Forklift Rentals

    Our rental program offers practical and economical options to accommodate any need, short or long term. Our rental fleet is regularly updated with new equipment and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure guaranteed quality and performance.

  • Forklift Parts, Pallet Jack Parts, Lift Truck Parts

    Forklift Parts

    Our parts inventory includes new and remanufactured forklift parts for Raymond and other major brands to help your fleet up and running. We also offer managed and consignment parts program to ensure you always have the correct parts to complete any necessary repairs.

  • Malin Service Technician

    Forklift Service

    Our technicians complete a rigourous training program to develop and enhance their skills, allowing them to repair practically any type of material handling equipment, including non-Raymond forklifts. We can create a perfectly tailored service and maintenance plan around the needs of your business.

  • Malin Training Class

    Training Programs

    Our industry-leading courses enable you to establish benchmark safety and performance standards through innovative instruction techniques, online or in-person. We provide technician training, lift truck operator training, and pedestrian safety training programs to improve productivity and enhance safety.

  • iWarehouse, forklift fleet management

    Fleet Management

    Our solutions acquire data points and turn them into easily understandable and actionable knowledge, enabling you to optimize truck and operator performance. With our revolutionary suite of tools, you can take immediate control of your fleet and reduce overall operating costs.

  • Automated Solutions

    Our automated solutions, including operator assist and picking technologies along with automated guided vehicles, offer a robust and flexible means of control to keep goods moving. They are also an invaluable option for combating the challenges associated with hiring, training, and retaining skilled labor.

  • industrial robotics, manufacturing robotics, palletizing robots

    Systems Integration

    Our dedicated systems division performs comprehensive engineering and integration services. As one of the largest integrators in the United States, we have the resources to execute any project and only use the best material handling equipment and automation technologies available.