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As a long-time material handling innovator, HEUBEL·SHAW has been a trusted partner for the planning, design, installation and project management of integrated material handling solutions.  Whether designing a system from the ground up or re-engineering your current system, our dedicated HEUBEL·SHAW Systems (HSS) group professionals offer the tools to help you to strategically plan, implement and support your systems integration needs.

  • warehouse racking



    • Warehouse Design and Layout
    • Full Simulation Visuals
    • Project Management
    • Operational Analysis
    • Data Translation
    • Consulting
    • Concept Engineering
    • Installation and Integration
    • Engineered Labor Studies


Managing a smarter warehouse can mean multiple, intelligent systems running your operation from clock-in to clock-out.  We can help you to integrate those systems to ensure that you're getting the most out of today's technology.  Our solutions ensure that your operation runs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while still meeting your other operational goals. Here are a few objectives that you should discuss with your HSS member:

    • Manage Your Footprint
    • Lower Costs
    • Minimize Damage
    • Decrease Labor
    • Manage Access Permissions
    • Control Environmental Conditions

    • Increase Throughput
    • Improve Ergonomics
    • Encourage Safety
    • Raise Productivity
    • Become More Efficient
    • Increase order Accuracy
    • Utilization of Space

Warehouse Automation Solutions

  • radioshuttle, automated storage, deep lane rack, deep lane pallet rack, deep pallet rack, shuttle rack, shuttle racking

    Radioshuttle Pallet Storage System

    The Radioshuttle racking system is a flexible, high-density storage solution. The Radioshuttle pallet shuttle system provides high-density storage flexibility and customized designs for effective pallet handling. Battery-powered and remote-operated, Radioshuttle allows operators to work elsewhere while it is busy transporting pallets.

  • automated lift, agv, alt, raymond agv, raymond courier, raymond alt,

    Automated Lift Trucks

    AGVs increase efficiency and reduce costs by helping to automate specialized tasks or functions within a facility. AGVs can provide automated material movement for a variety of industries. Your local Raymond Solutions and Support Center stands ready to evaluate your application and recommend the right solution for your warehouse automation project.

  • Vertical lift module, storage carousel, vertical carousel

    Storage and Retrieval Systems

    Carousels and vertical lift systems provide high-productivity solutions for storage and retrieval. Find significant gains in efficiency, control of inventory management and warehouse floor space recovery. Vertical lift modules, vertical carousel systems and horizontal carousel systems can greatly increase order picking throughput, require less storage space, and help to reduce inventory and minimize picking errors.

  • conveyor, conveyor system, conveyor design, conveyor integration, conveyor solutions, sorting & conveying, conveyor supplier, conveyor supplier near me, conveyor near me, conveyors near me, conveyor installation, conveyor installer,


    The right conveyor and sortation system can speed order fulfillment, provide better inventory management and help accomplish lean goals for just-in-time and process controls. Whether you are moving individual products, full cases, or pallets, our engineering experts can recommend the appropriate conveyor equipment, technology, and material flow layout.

  • crane, transtacker, narrow aisle crane


    We supply cranes appropriate for narrow and very narrow aisle settings. Quickly transport single units with a Mini-Load or Unit-Load ASRS, or move up to 4000 lb. pallets with the Raymond Transtacker.

  • robotics, industrial robot, end-of-arm tooling, bin picking

    Industrial Robots & Tooling

    HEUBEL·SHAW supplies robots and robotics solutions to give you the competitive edge. Robots are appropriate for a wide variety of industrial applications, including packing, palletizing, pick and place, and machine tending. Decrease labor while increasing accuracy and throughput. Pair with a conveyor system or an AS/RS to amplify your results.

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