Forklift Training, Leasing & Pallet Racking in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Forklift Training, Leasing & Pallet Racking in Tulsa, OK.

7344 East 38th Street, Tulsa, OK 74145

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As the largest Raymond dealer in the central US, HEUBEL·SHAW has the reach and resources to offer comprehensive fleet management solutions in much of the US -- including Tulsa. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and we achieve it through helping you create a more cost-efficient workplace.

With over 60 years of combined experience, HEUBEL·SHAW takes a combined, multi-faceted approach to fleet management and warehouse operations. We offer fleet management solutions that help you keep your forklifts and other equipment maintained, integrated systems, and storage solutions such as racking and pallet storage to help you make the most of any space.

To keep your fleet running strong, we sell all models of Raymond® lift trucks -- new machines as well as certified pre-owned forklifts covered by Raymond’s RENEWED Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee. So you can get the fleet you need at a price you can live with. And we offer training programs to help your employees use your lift trucks in the safest, most efficient way.

Minimizing downtime is a priority for any warehouse, so HEUBEL·SHAW has a Parts Department that offers fast, accurate shipping of thousands of parts for all Raymond lift truck models right to your Tulsa business.

Heubel Shaw provides dependable warehouse equipment, valuable storage solutions and integrated systems to help warehouse owners in Tulsa create a safer, more cost-efficient and more energy-efficient workplace. No matter which industry you’re in, contact HEUBEL·SHAW at (918) 665-9077 or online to learn what we can do for your business!