Forklifts, Pallet Rack & Warehouse Solutions in Kansas City, MO

For over 60 years, Heubel Shaw has been providing valuable solutions to help business owners improve the efficiency and even safety of their warehouse operations. One of the areas we serve is Kansas City, Missouri. 

Heubel Shaw Kansas City has a lot of solutions to help you manage, service and use your warehouse equipment in a more efficient way. Not only do we offer all models of Raymond® lift trucks and forklifts, but we also help you keep them running and minimize downtime: Our Forklift Parts Department stocks over 25,000 line items at all times, with a 90% rate of same day order fulfillment and a shipping accuracy rate of over 99% -- so we’re fast and accurate. 

Heubel Shaw Kansas City also helps our customers with fleet optimization, so your lift trucks and forklifts and their operators work as efficiently as possible. For example, our iWAREHOUSE® software helps you gather actionable data that can help with labor management, OSHA compliance, and better processes for improving efficiency. And once you know what needs improving, Heubel Shaw’s training programs for equipment operators, technicians and even pedestrians help you make those improvements while creating a safer workplace. We also have a “train the trainer” program so you can offer our great educational programs in-house. 

No matter what your industry is, Heubel Shaw Kansas City offers the equipment, software solutions, storage options, integrated systems, training, parts and service to help you manage your fleet and your warehouse better. 

Email or contact us today, or call us at (800) 283-4177 to learn more about the products and services we offer in Kansas City, MO.