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Heubel Shaw St. Louis is a proud supplier of new, used and rental Raymond® lift trucks, but after over 50 years in business we know that it takes more than just a great forklift fleet to run a more efficient warehouse or distribution center in St. Louis. That’s why we also offer integrated systems, fleet management solutions, storage solutions, training and more to businesses in St. Louis, Missouri.

We offer every model of Raymond® lift trucks, including new fork lift models as well as certified pre-owned trucks. That means there’s a reliable Raymond lift truck that’s just the model you need, at a price that fits your budget. And when those lift trucks need repair or maintenance, our Parts Department offers fast and accurate shipping on over 25,000 line items. We also offer fork lift rentals in the St. Louis area.

Warehouse management is about more than just dependable lift trucks, so Heubel Shaw St. Louis also offers a range of solutions, such as pallet rack systems and conveyors, shelving that helps you make the best use of your space, and forklift fleet management solutions that help you identify processes that need improvement. With our iWarehouse® software, you can gather actionable data you can use to streamline your workplace and reduce operating costs.

 Heubel Shaw St. Louis also recognizes how much a well-trained staff can contribute to your success, so we offer training programs for lift truck operators as well as technicians and even pedestrians. And for those who want to train employees in-house, we have a “Train the Trainer” program.

With all the lift truck equipment, storage solutions, fleet management software and integrated systems we offer, our goal is to help our St. Louis customers create a more productive and safer workplace. contact us today or call us at (800) 283-4177 to find out more!