• Raymond RENEWED certified used forklifts

    Top-Performing Used Forklifts

    Quality Ensured by Raymond-Certified Technicians.
    Raymond RENEWED reconditioned forklift trucks are exceptionally engineered, energy efficient and deliver quality at an affordable price.


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    The Smartest Decisions Are Always Repeated.

    Maximizing the efficiency of your warehouse management operations without adding more personnel or a bigger budget often means doing more with less -- but with Raymond RENEWED, you don’t have to give up quality over budgetary concerns!

Raymond Renewed Offers You Three Levels of Certification

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    Raymond ReNewed Value

    With Raymond RENEWED Value grade trucks, you'll do more on a tight budget. Perfect for lower volume applications, these forklifts are delivered "ready to work" in both appearance and operation. Raymond RENEWED Value trucks come with a 30 day Major Components coverage and 30 days of Raymond RENEWED Assurance buy-back guarantee.
  • Raymond Renewed Performance

    The Raymond RENEWED Performance grade of truck is perfect for single-shift applications. To ensure the quality of each truck, Raymond-certified technicians perform the RENEWED Certification Process.
  • Raymond Renewed Premium

    For critical or rigorous applications, you need the Raymond RENEWED Premium grade of truck. To ensure the quality of each truck, Raymond-certified technicians perform the Raymond RENEWED Certification Process.

Why Choose Raymond RENEWED?

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    Buy Back Guarantee

    Raymond RENEWED is a program that allows you to choose the precise lift truck models you need from a complete range of Raymond energy-efficient vehicles that have been refurbished, cleaned and thoroughly inspected by Heubel Shaw Raymond-certified technicians according to the RENEWED Certification Process. And as an extra level of protection, the Raymond RENEWED program comes with the Raymond RENEWED Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee!

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    Exceptional Quality

    Working with Raymond RENEWED allows Heubel Shaw to offer our customers the finest and most dependable lift trucks for every business, every warehouse size and every budget. We offer three levels of lift truck certifications -- Premium, Performance and Value -- so you’re able to choose the plan you need based on your volume requirements and budget.

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    Wide Selection Available

    Heubel Shaw can also help you obtain financing and maintenance programs to make the cost of owning a certified Raymond lift truck that much more affordable. Email or contact us today to find out more about how dependable, certified pre-owned Raymond lift trucks can help you move more pallets per hour -- with the personnel you already have, and without breaking the bank.

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