Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal Carousel - A Versatile Storage Solution

The horizontal carousel eliminates unproductive travel and search times using software-controlled picking sequences to deliver stored goods efficiently to the operator; speeding up picking times and increasing throughput. Combined with pick-to-light technology; the operator is directed to the exact location of each pick improving accuracy rates by 99.9%.

Fast and Accurate Picking

  • Use 60% less Space Than Traditional Storage – Software compactly organizes inventory and stores it in the position to retrieved from a pick zone between 5 and 10 square meters. Use this tool to calculate your potential space savings!

    Up to 67% Increase in Productivity – Efficient “Goods-to-Person” retrieval eliminates unproductive travel and search times. Advanced software facilitates batch picking multiple orders at one time.

    Extend Order Cutoff Times – Increased speed and productivity means that you can deliver competitive turnaround.

  • Speed Pick Times By 800% – The use of multiple autonomous carousels with Optical displays allow a single operator to pick 200 to 400 positions per station/hour.

    Low Maintenance Reliability – Self-lubricating ensures the dependability and longevity of the unit. Should your unit ever need maintenance, there is nearly 100% parts availability, due to the popularity of this unit.

    Security for Your Most Valuable Assets:
    Enclosed system / Automatic safety doors protect users from moving parts.
    Access Control secures product and enables accountability.
    Shelf Lock (Optional) - Locks prevent shelving from disengaging while in use. They also prevent vibratory noise produced by empty shelving.