Vertical Carousel Storage System by KardexRemstar

Vertical Carousels

  • Vertical Carousel: Megamat RS

    Vertical Carousels consist of a series of shelves that rotate on your command delivering selected items to you at an ergonomically safe and convenient height. The "goods to person" principle has proven itself to be an effective automated order picking technique which has saved 1000s of man hours for our clients. Our Vertical Carousels offer solutions for tooling, stationery, industrial and commercial hardware and consumables, all with one common goal: improved effectiveness of the order picking process.


    Save Space & Boost Productivity

    HEUBEL·SHAW has automated vertical carousels for all of your automated storage and retrieval needs. Increase storage capacity while increasing handling efficiencies for a supercharged throughput, greater inventory control, and improved accuracy.

    The Megamat vertical carousel is an automated, computer-controlled vertical carousel that can operate as a central inventory storage carousel and also as an integrated materials handling solution. With its compact and sturdy equipment features, the Megamat vertical carousel requires little floor space and utilizes the entire available ceiling height.

    The Megamat vertical carousel can be installed through several floors with an access opening on each floor, easily connecting multiple work zones.


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  • Save 85% of Floor Space

    The system requires little floor space, making maximum use of the available ceiling height.


    Increased Safety

    Redundant safety systems provide safety for both workers and stored goods.


    Faster Picks

    The Megamat vertical carousel substantially reduces pick, access and retrieval times. Achieve up to 99.9% faster picking rates!

  • Greater Inventory Control
    Stock accuracy levels are over 99% on a regular basis.

    Improved Ergonomics
    All goods are delivered to an ergonomic access opening eliminating bending and reaching for goods.

    A Secure Operation
    Additional security options, such as PIN protection, protect against unauthorized access and ensure inventory control.