Top 5 Benefits of Renting A Forklift

Making Rentals A Part of Your Strategy.

Oct 09, 2020
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Even if you have never rented before, now might be the time. In this article we break down the 5 benefits of renting a forklift and discover how renting can help your operation meet demands today and can strategically contribute to your long-term success plan.

It's All About the Perks: Short-term Rentals for Long-term Success.

 In our last article, Top 10 Moments You Should Leverage Rental Equipment, we learned when it is most beneficial for companies like yours to leverage rental equipment and identified several situations where rental equipment has proven useful. Now we want to dive a little deeper into the benefits that make forklift rental such an enticing option and show you how this can play into your long-term strategy for success.




 Taking A Deeper Dive: 5 Benefits of Forklift Rental


If capital spending has been put on hold...
After the events of 2020, many capital budgets have been reduced or put on hold. Rental equipment provides a solution to reduce capital spending while still being able to meet the needs of production.
If it's business as usual...
When you leverage rental equipment, capital that would otherwise be tied up in purchasing agreements is now available for use in other areas. For example, that capital can be used to invest in advanced technologies that increase productivity and reduce costs. Does this sound appealing to you? Contact our in-house systems group for a complimentary consultation and suggestions tailored to your operation.



Rental equipment can allow your operation to respond to periods of volatility, high growth or rapid change with agility and speed. If equipment no longer serves you, you simply send it back-- Out of sight, out of mind. Should you need the equipment again, you have the largest rental fleet in the region in your back pocket. You can be confident that the material handling equipment you need will be there when you need it.



Increased cash fluidity allows you to allocate resources in accordance with forcasted demands.  You can change your labor model to effectively increase production during peak times without incurring costly overhead expenses or carrying idle equipment during slow times. Renting offers the flexible funding and on-demand equipment you need to support temporary labor or overlapping shifts.




With a rental program you can plan expenses to mirror periods of increased revenue. Making rentals a part of your peak activity strategy allows you to build the robust, right-sized fleet you need to support increased productivity and may also enable you to try out the latest advancements in material handling technology! When business slows down you simply return the lift truck. Never again will you be stuck storing and paying for idle equipment year after year.



Maintenance services and repair costs are figured into the price of rentals. That means no additional maintenance expenses or  surprise repairs to plan for. Additionally, if a rental unit is tagged-out for repair, a full service rental equipment provider will promptly provide a solution which may include repair and/or an replacement unit for the interim.


Lift Truck Rental Quotes & Equipment Rental Information

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