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8000 Series Stands Above the Rest

Apr 21, 2016
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With the 8000 Series, Raymond has redefined the industry standard for pallet trucks. The result is greater productivity and increased efficiency. More reliability with fewer moving parts. More pallets moved with less energy and less effort. And at the end of the day, a lower total cost of ownership.


We’re all expected to make more out of less. Move more pallets in less time. And even do more work with less resources. With labor making up to 72% of the cost of owning a lift truck, you need a solution that optimizes your current workforce and resources. That’s why Raymond’s 8000 Series pallet trucks are designed to hit the ground running. It’s why we make trucks that move more pallets per hour. Deliver dramatically lower maintenance costs and superior energy efficiency. And never compromise on reliability and durability. Because we understand the cost of doing business. And because we know how to help you get the most out of your resources.


With the Raymond 8000 Series pallet trucks, performance goes beyond just the basic components. With Raymond, performance means greater productivity, efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and operator comfort. It means standardizing heavy-duty components that combine optimal strength and durability. It means operator-friendly ergonomics that make your operations run smoother. It even means up to a 6%* increase in productivity over the competition that lets you move more pallets per day. It means performance without compromise. And it means that with Raymond you get more—way more.


Your trucks need to stay in operation. That’s why the 8000 Series pallet trucks are built to last. Heavy-duty components from tractor to fork provide optimum strength and durability. Raymond sources best-in-class components and utilizes proven innovative technology to lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime and ensure longer vehicle and component life. With undercarriage components designed for reduced wear and maintainability, you’ll have more uptime and lower costs. And behind it all is the best warranty in the business—Raymond Asset Protection™

  • Heavy-duty ductile iron undercarriage components provide greater flexibility and improved wear 
  • A heavy-duty drive motor is paired with the industry’s toughest steering system of solid-steel ball bearings 
  • Heavy-duty end bell bracket protects the motor n Programmable travel speed to lift height enables travel speed to be reduced until the forks are raised to a specific height, preventing wear by slowing travel when the forks are fully lowered 
  • Enhanced drive tire debris diversion comes standard 
  • Robust control systems are designed to endure cold and wet environments 
  • Composite bushings are stronger than steel alternatives and never require greasing 
  • Grab bar electronic controls are sealed and waterproofed for wet environments and wash downs, and a one-piece rubberized cover replaces individual plastic buttons for longer component life

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