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What's Your Return on Investment?

Mar 30, 2016
Battery Maintenance

Heubel Shaw's Motive Power Department provides a more efficient and cost effective way to properly maintain the longevity of your forklift batteries.

Outside of your lift truck maintenance, Industrial Battery Maintenance is the next most important investment. While industrial batteries are less expensive than lift trucks, they can create downtime and expensive truck repairs. Without proper battery care maintenance, batteries could be subject to hindered trucks performance and component life, battery life and energy cost.

Industrial batteries need regular maintenance. 

If they are not maintained they could develop: 

* Short run time 
* Low voltage / high amp / heat 
* Dead cells 
* Unbalanced electrolyte 
* Corrosion = shorts 

These types of developments play a huge role in decreasing the overall life of your forklift batteries. 

Having the right setup can reduce turnaround time and ensure proper handling when storing your lift truck batteries. Having the right team to handle the service on those batteries can mean the difference between a 5 year battery life or 15. Heubel Shaw's Motive Power Division was created based on our customer requests and the fact that we would see so many service calls due to the fact that their batteries had not been properly maintained, serviced, or stored.

If you knew that this service could be justified by eliminating just ONE service call for a down truck - Why wouldn't you call? 

Eliminating costly electric truck component failures also helps you to eliminate downtime and eliminate repair costs that are not needed.

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