Radioshuttle - 5 generations of progress

Mar 07, 2016
warehouse rack, pallet rack, racking

Heubel Shaw helps customers understand how The Radioshuttle System is a unique storage technology with the ability to maximize your use of space effectively.

Maintain maximum selectivity and increase your operational efficiency with the Radioshuttle pallet racking system. Radio shuttle, also known as a pallet runner, is a semi-automated high-density storage system that allows for a maximum use of warehouse space. Easily managed with a remote control, the Radioshuttle pallet shuttle is loaded into storage loads and executes orders to load or unload pallets into a lane. The lanes are fed pallets by lift trucks such as reach trucks or counterbalanced forklifts.

Pallet Shuttle System Overview

The Radioshuttle System is a unique storage technology with the ability to maximize your use of space effectively by combining:

  • The highest storage density available
  • Maximum selectivity
  • Flexible and customized designs

Use the Radioshuttle in your facility as a means to store date critical items that require the first pallets in to be the the first pallets out.

Amazingly, use your Radioshuttle to carry out a reorganization of your pallets and when required move all pallets closer to the unloading point.

What´s in it for you! 

1. Productivity

While Radioshuttle moves the pallet through the racking, the operator is free to do other work.

2. Maximize storage utilization

Maximize available warehouse space usage of the full height of your warehouse building.

3. Maintain optimal selectivity

To select loads at each level and section is managed independently of the other levels and sections.

4. Cost effective

More pallet locations in exiting warehouse minimize use of external storage of pallets.

5. Minimize damage

Less damage to goods since the internal movement of pallets is done by Radioshuttle.

6. Efficient movement of goods

Your existing fleet of trucks and drivers can move more product because the Radioshuttle will do the movements of pallets.