Battery Handling

Safer storage and handling of your industrial batteries

Dealing with electric lift truck batteries -- changing them, charging them, storing them, dealing with spills -- is a big part of fleet management. Heubel Material Handling can make these necessary tasks easier, safer and more efficient with our battery handling products.

We offer many battery handling solutions for lift trucks, such as:

Fully Automated Battery Handling Systems

For larger operations that handle hundreds or even thousands of batteries each day in back-to-back shifts, our fully automated systems help you streamline your systems for storing, handling, maintaining and charging batteries.

Raymond Mobile Battery Changer

The Mobile Battery Changer makes changing lift truck batteries -- even batteries up to 4,000 lbs. -- faster by about 90% and easier as well as safer. The battery compartment of the Mobile Changer has poly strips for safe battery removal and also allows enough space that the battery isn’t knocked against the sides.

Battery Watering Devices

We sell the watering guns, injection systems, cell flip tops, deionizers, and everything else you need to perform this important job well but in as fast and easy a way as possible.

Roller Stands for Lift Truck Batteries

Different models of forklifts and other electric lift trucks require different sizes of batteries, and our battery roller stands come in several sizes, too! So whatever models of lift truck you have in your fleet, we have the battery roller stand you need. They are available either with or without battery charger stands.

Battery Spill Response Kits 

Acid spills are almost an inevitable part of dealing with electric lift truck batteries, day in and day out. Be ready for battery acid spills with our kits that meet EPA/OSHA standards and help you safely absorb and neutralize hazardous acid.

Email or contact us today to learn more about our safe, effective battery handling solutions.

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Battery Handling Systems

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    Battery Handling Systems

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