Forklift Charger & Industrial Battery Maintenance Tips

Common Battery & Chargers Issues After Downtime

Apr 30, 2020
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After extended downtime, your batteries and chargers will need some help to get back on top. Find out what happens to your power systems over time, how you can prevent this, and what to do if your batteries and chargers have gone unattended for too long.

What to Expect After Extended Downtime.  



DANGERS Of Downtime

If your battery has sat idle for an extended time, or has been stored with a low charge, the voltage may dip low enough that a charger will not recognize or charge the battery. Additionally, batteries that have not been charged during downtime show signs of advanced sulfating.



What is Sulfating?

Over time sulfate crystals form on the plates inside the battery, which may impede the free flow of acids. A chemical reaction between the electrolytes and lead cause the specific gravity to lower.

RESULT: Shortened run times and decreased equipment performance.





Returning to Balance.

Here’s the Good News.

During charging sulfuric acid is returned to the electrolyte solution and the specific gravity begins to rise. That means you can combat sulfating and correct specific gravity through regular charging and proper maintenance.

TIPS : Charge Regularly. Equalize. Water Frequently.

  •  After downtime, always ensure that your battery is properly charged and watered before use to prevent a messy and dangerous boil over.
  •  To prevent electrolyte overflow, batteries should only be watered after a full charge.
  •  When in doubt, call the battery experts.

When It's Been Too Long... It’s Time for A Battery Refresh.

If your battery is not responding to charging after sitting idle, you might not need a new battery. Instead try a refresh. If this sounds like your situation, or you just want to ensure that all your equipment is running at peak performance, a refresh can benefit you.


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Get Your Operations Up and Running With A Refresh.


All batteries will be removed from the lifts and the following services will be performed:
  • The current charge and electrolyte levels will be checked.
  • We will inspect connector & tips for tight fit, cracks, melting and pitting.
  • Read and record the voltage of each cell.
  • Specific gravities of high and low cells will be recorded.
  • Repair or replacement will be performed at this time on substandard components, including tips, connectors, and cables.
  • All batteries will be watered to the appropriate level.
  • Optional: Cleaning of the battery compartment and application of lubricant to rollers.

Get A Fresh Start This Week.

You know maintenance is important, but with so many things competing for your attention after an extended downtime, servicing all your batteries can seem daunting.


Our team of battery experts will take care of your power equipment so you can get up an running sooner. You can be sure that each piece of equipment has been properly cared for by expert hands. The HEUBEL·SHAW Refresh Program includes all the service listed on this document as well as a customized report.


  • Check input line voltage and start rate.
  • Visually inspect tips, connectors, and cables.


You will receive a detailed report indicating the quantity, model, serial number, age, and condition of each of the batteries and chargers in your fleet.

Let’s Get Started.

First, contact your nearest H·S location for an appointment. Next, prepare for your service call by plugging in your batteries. We’ll see you soon!


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