Meet the Trainer: Mark Christiansen

Chloe GlassSep 25, 2019
mark christiansen

Here at HEUBEL·SHAW, we think our trainers are pretty special. We make sure of it, because we know they spend a lot of time every day engaging with you! In “Meet the Trainer” we highlight the unique skill sets which allow our team to meaningfully lead and engage our customers. Today we would like to introduce you to Mark Christiansen.


Certified Technical Trainer/Course Manager

Territory: Mississippi and Tennessee.

Courses Offered:



Mark started with Shaw Material Handling Systems, Inc. on April 13, 1992 as a Certified Technician. He worked both in the shop and on the road for eight years, servicing our customers in the Memphis area. When a technical trainer position opened in March of 2000, Mark jumped at the opportunity to share everything he had learned during his time on the road. He relished in the idea of expanding his wealth of technical knowledge. Over the last 19 years, Mark has taken full advantage, becoming certified on every type of Raymond lift truck, from pallet trucks to swing-reaches.



It is obvious that Mark has a true technical inclination and passion for his line of work. Before he joined the material handling industry as a trainer, Mark maintained M-1 tank turret systems for the Army in Germany and Texas (1981-1992). It is this technical priming, discipline, and worldly experience that initially made Mark successful as a technician and give Mark value and character to this day. His extensive experience as a technician in the material handling field allows Mark the knowledge and true understanding that is the hallmark of an effective trainer.



Mark likes to spend his spare time practicing his woodworking in the shop. Occasionally, Mark has been known to brew his own beer!


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