Meet the Trainer: Nicole Thomason

Chloe GlassOct 02, 2019

Here at HEUBEL·SHAW, we think our trainers are pretty special. We make sure of it, because we know they spend a lot of time every day engaging with you! In “Meet the Trainer” we highlight the unique skillsets which allow our team to meaningfully lead and engage our customers. Today we would like to introduce you to Nicole Thomason.


HEUBEL·SHAW Safety & Training Coordinator

Territory: Total Coverage – Based out of Memphis.

Courses Offered:

  • Safety on the Move (SOTM –Operator Training and Train the Trainer)
  • Fall Protection (Operator Training and Train the Trainer)
  • Aerial Work Platform (AWP) & Telehandler Training (Operator Training and Train the Trainer)
  • First Aid, CPR, & AED Training (Red Cross) Adult and Pediatric Courses
  • TPS – Certificate of completion for TPS Basics Workshop.
  • COMING SOON: Virtual Reality (VR – Operator Training)



Nicole joined the warehousing industry in 2012 as a safety auditor. Her engaging personality and keen eye for safety discrepancies eventually resulted in a request for Nicole to lead training and safety programs for all sites. In 2015, she began her work as the BRC/Training/Safety Coordinator for US Cold Storage in Covington, TN. During her time in this position she trained over 400 employees and acted as the steward for employee training records. She was responsible for maintaining all company policies and procedures. Her mastery of these practices made her an excellent candidate for Safety Committee Chairman. While she held these roles, U.S. Cold Storage obtained the best BRC audit grade in company history.

Three years ago, Shaw Material Handling, Inc. welcomed her onto our team as a trainer. Since then she has been extremely valuable to our company, training over 2400 of our customers’ employees alone! She continues to add to her credentials and training portfolio, recently having been certified in our Technician Development Program (TDP – Technical Primer and Scheduled Maintenance Workshops). She will soon be offering Virtual Reality Simulator training as a part of her repertoire and is planning to have her OSHA 30-Hour training completed by Spring of 2020.


Nicole is an incredibly unique, as she is the only female on our training team. She is one of our youngest trainers, though Nicole proves that age is simply a number. Nicole regularly pushes the limits, redefining how capable and highly motivated a person can be. She is our only full-time trainer, and she covers the entirety of our territory. That's right, all locations! She is always on the move and is an incredibly hands on instructor.



Nicole was born and raised in Washington. At the age of 18, she moved to Memphis and attended both the University of Memphis and MTSU. After moving back home in 2004, she met and married an active duty Marine. Nicole followed him to Kaneohe, Hawaii as he was transferred to the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. She spent the next 5.5 years in a tropical paradise, during which time, her first-born child, Samuel, arrived. When her then-husband was called to return to the mainland, Nicole bundled up her little island baby and headed for Buffalo, Minnesota! It was there that she had her second-born child, Arabella. Nicole lived in Minnesota for one year before picking up and heading down to Atoka, Tennessee with her children.

Nicole has been settled in Atoka since 2011. In her free time, she is involved in her community as a volunteer track and cheer commissioner for the Tipton County Bulldogs.  Her active lifestyle has certainly rubbed off on her 11-year-old son, Samuel, and her 8-year-old daughter, Arabella. As a family they regularly enjoy going for hikes, watching football together, and exploring new places. One such place that Nicole relished in introducing her children to was Hawaii! They went back in 2018 for her son’s 10th birthday and plan to go back for her daughter’s 10th birthday in July of 2021.

During her time in Hawaii Nicole fully embraced island life, enjoying their culture and especially their food. Nicole insists that Poke is by far the best Hawaiian food. It comes as no surprise that she has such enthusiasm for Poke, a dish that featured cubes of raw fish. She had grown up eating fresh, pacific coast seafood. While it initially tasted like the unbeatable comfort of home, she will admit that Hawaiian cuisine greatly expanded her appreciation. Nicole continues to seek out Poke. It is a notoriously expensive and hard dish to come by on the mainland, but Nicole has found her own source. She says, “I found a store here that sells all the ingredients for me to make Poke in Memphis, so I am able to eat Poke whenever I want!” If you are a Poke fan, you know how valuable a good Poke outlet can be. Perhaps she will share her little-known secret with you.

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