Meet the Trainer: Justin Chalk

Chloe GlassOct 09, 2019

Here at HEUBEL·SHAW, we think our trainers are pretty special. We make sure of it, because we know they spend a lot of time every day engaging with you! In “Meet the Trainer” we highlight the unique skillsets which allow our team to meaningfully lead and engage our customers. Today we would like to introduce you to Justin Chalk.


HEUBEL·SHAW Technical Trainer/Course Manager

Territory: Mississippi, Arkansas , and Tennessee.

Courses Offered:



Justin entered the material handling industry at 19 years old. Over the next decade, he held several positions with Crown. He moved through the ranks, starting as a field technician, lead technician, and finally, shop supervisor. During this time, he had the opportunity to get his feet wet in the training arena. He began training Crown’s own field technicians and providing operator training for both employees and customers.

Three years ago, Justin started with Shaw Material Handling as a field technician. His advanced skill set, and detail-oriented nature were quickly noticed, earning him the dual role of Field Technician and Scheduled Maintenance Facilitator. In March of 2018, Justin moved back into training, taking on the title of HEUBEL SHAW Course Manager/Technical Trainer.


When we receive feedback about Justin, our customers tell us that he is detail oriented, incredibly personable, and passionate about what he does. We couldn’t agree more! We have had the opportunity to see these traits shine through as Justin performs his duties on the HEUBEL SHAW safety committee. Consequently, he has been asked to lead the safety presentations for our new hires in Memphis, Pearl, Little Rock, and Rogers, as well as several other internal training programs.



A true man of the wilderness with a special place in his heart for fishing, Justin loves everything outdoors! He is an avid hunter and a serious fisherman. He is a member of a local bass club and even used to do a bit of noodling! For those of you who don’t know, “noodling” is catching catfish with your bare hands!

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